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The Makerbox Lao
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Derek Spranger
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PHONE: 020 55 115 000

The Makerbox Lao is the first public community makerspace/fablab in the Lao PDR. The idea of The Makerbox was born out of discussions between several people about the need for a place where people from all walks of life can come to experiment, explore and participate in developing projects that can lead to new start-ups and SMEs.

The Makerbox Lao was established by a group of 9 co-founders who range in backgrounds from agriculture and community development to data science and engineering. We have so far self-funded the space and the many different activities we have held, but we are actively seeking support from wherever it may be available.

Since our official opening in January of this year, we have helf many different workshops and events for the general public, including activities related to linux and basic computer programming, marketing, electricity and electronics, and our most recent series of events revolving around our solar system and space during our Astronomy Month.

We hope to arrange other events such as these to offer information and opportunities for exploration, while also eventually attracting young entrepreneurs who wish to develop a project with us.

Some of the up-coing events we will arrange are related to physics, environment, ecology and biology and much more, while some of the more serious projects invovle the development of an agriculture low-band communication system for rural areas to assist farmers with providing them with information about their crops; development of an air-quality monitoring system; development of a sensor array for greenhouses and crop production, and more.

We welcome anyone who wants to visit us, exchange ideas, share knowledge, or in other ways support our activities.

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