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Salwood Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
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Stephen Midgley
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Mob.(Australia): +61 419 990050

Mob. (Lao PDR): +856 20 5502 8855

Our Individual Stephen Midgley from Salwood Asia Pacific Pty Ltd. Stephen Midgley is a Registered Forestry Professional (RFP) and development specialist who, for the past 20 years, has run his own business, Salwood Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, which seeks to link global businesses with forest industries in the Asia–Pacific region.

He is an Asia-specialist, and has worked continuously in Asia for over 46 years through long-term projects in Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka and China and via many short-term projects.
Stephen’s early career was influenced strongly by his time in Laos 1973 – 76 during which time he was responsible for many early trials of Eucalyptus. He had a long career with CSIRO where he was leader of a major team specialising in the domestication of Australia’s trees, mainly eucalypts and acacias. He is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

He has published widely, and his work has been recognised through several awards from Governments in Australia, Vietnam and China and through professional organizations.

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