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PVC (Lao) Co., Ltd
Nway Nway Hay Mhan
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M:+856 (0) 20 9251 0471 / +95 92 5206 4509 (WhatsApp)


PVC (Lao) Co., Ltd. operates two regional brands in the business services space:
1. FocusCore: Provides comprehensive services, including company registration and ongoing corporate secretarial support in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. Our goal is to simplify your business journey.

2. P&O: Specializes in outsourced payroll and staffing solutions, streamlining market entry and reduce HR risks for businesses in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. We are the only firm offering these services with physical offices in all three locations.
Our proficient team, well-connected and well-versed in local insights, ensures a seamless experience for our clients by adhering to international best practices and delivering top-quality service.

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