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Lanexang Import Export Co.,Ltd
Bosco Lobo
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Mobile: +856 20 28286829

Office: +856 21 455031

BMW Laos – Premium Auto Laos, part of the LaneXang Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Premium Auto Laos is the official Importer and Distributor in Lao PDR for the distribution and sales of BMW Vehicles, Genuine BMW parts, providing BMW Service. Premium Auto Laos is also responsible for MINI service, repair and maintenance of MINI Vehicles and Genuine MINI Parts.
Premium Auto Laos opened the first and only official BMW SHOWROOM and Authorized Importer in Laos. The showroom opened in 2014 in Nongbon Village, and can accommodate up to 21 BMW vehicles.
Premium Auto Laos offers a range of BMW Vehicles as well as After Service Care, BMW Lifestyle and Accessories, as well as BSI and BRI Packages.
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