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Forest Plateau Lao Co.,Ltd
Pinja Puustjärvi
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PHONE: +358 50 374 6814

Slow is a nature-positive coffee company providing corporate coffee solutions with high transparency and impact accounting. With our on-the-ground team in Laos, we work directly with micro-farmers who are all growing coffee under the gentle shade of different native trees.

We are collaborating daily with the farmers that grow Slow coffee to encourage them to preserve and plant more trees in their plantations, striving towards the perfect agroforestry symbiosis. And we take care of them by providing better prices, advance payments, an emergency fund, training, better equipment, etc. Over the last three years, we have seen the impact of this collaboration as higher quality and quantity of coffee.

With Slow as your coffee solution provider, you get an insight into the life of the coffee farmers, the development of their coffee plantations, and well-being through individual livelihood programs.

Some of our customers, like the facility service company Coor, get their own plantation that we are converting from an unsustainable monoculture to regenerative agroforestry. Slow customers benefit from the storytelling we provide from our on-the-ground team. Customers use our well-documented sustainability efforts in their reporting or to tether their sustainability strategies into a tangible action that employees celebrate.

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