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CARE International in Lao PDR
Keoamphone Souvannaphoum
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PHONE: + (856) 21 217 727 or 212991

FAX: +856 021 451844

Laos is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in South-East Asia. In rural and remote areas, 65% of the population is made up of more than one hundred ethnic groups. While achievements in economic growth and poverty reduction in Laos have been impressive in recent years, rural poverty remains a major challenge. The majority of people in Laos who live in remote rural areas belong to diverse ethnic groups and, although complex, there is a strong link between poverty and ethnicity. Women in Laos ethnic communities have limited income earning potential due to gender norms that focus on household and reproductive roles. They also experience heavy workloads and lack of mobility.

CARE is working closely with some of the most affected marginalised urban women and remote ethnic women, to help provide tools for sustainable change.

Our work in Laos focuses on:

  • food and livelihood security
  • de-mining and development
  • health
  • pandemic flu
  • emergency response
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