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Training: Management Skills Upgrade (Lao Language)

English below:
ການຍົກລະດັບທັກສະການບໍລິຫານສໍາລັບຍຸກໃໝ່ ແມ່ນຊຸດການຝຶກອົບຮົມອອນລາຍຂອງເວບບີນາທີ່ມີການໂຕ້ຕອບກັນ ເຊິ່ງຄົ້ນຫາທັກສະຂອງຜູ້ບໍລິຫານເພື່ອໃຫ້ເກີດຜົນໄດ້ຮັບສູງສຸດ. ຫຼັກສູດນີ້ເໝາະກັບຜູ້ບໍລິຫານຈັດການມືໃໝ່, ຫຼື ຜູ້ບໍລິຫານຈັດການທີ່ມີປະສົບການ ແລະ ພ້ອມຍົກລະດັບທັກສະຂອງຕົນໃຫ້ດີຂຶ້ນກ່ວາເດີມ, ລວມເຈົ້າຂອງວິສາຫະກິດຂະໜາດນ້ອຍ ແລະ ກາງ, ຜູ້ທີ່ຢາກຮຽນຮູ້ວິທີບໍລິຫານຈັດການທີມງານຕົນເອງຢ່າງມີປະສິດຕິພາບ. ລາຍລະອຽດທັງ ໝົດຂອງງານແມ່ນຢູ່ລຸ່ມນີ້:
ການຝຶກອົບຮົມແບ່ງອອກເປັນ5 ຫົວຂໍ້ໃຫຍ່ ດັ່ງລຸ່ມນີ້:
– ຫົວຂໍ້ 1: ປັບຫຼັກຄວາມຄິດໃຫ້ເປັນແບບຜູ້ຈັດການ
– ຫົວຂໍ້ 2: ມອບໝາຍວຽກດ້ວຍຄວາມໝັ້ນໃຈ
– ຫົວຂໍ້ 3: ການໃຫ້ຄຳຕິຊົມຢ່າງມີປະສິດທິຜົນ
– ຫົວຂໍ້ 4: ບໍລິຫານຈັດການຜົນງານ
– ຫົວຂໍ້ 5: ບໍລິຫານເວລາ ແລະ ໜ້າທີ່ຮັບຜິດຊອບ
1. ຜູ້ບໍລິຫານຈັດການມືໃໝ່ ໃນພາກເອກະຊົນ, ໜ່ວຍງານລັດຖະການ ແລະ ອົງການສາກົນ
2. ຜູ້ບໍລິຫານຈັດການທີ່ມີປະສົບການແລະພ້ອມຍົກລະດັບທັກສະຂອງຕົນໃຫ້ດີຂຶ້ນກ່ວາເດີມ.
3. ເຈົ້າຂອງວິສາຫະກິດຂະໜາດນ້ອຍແລະກາງ ຜູ້ທີ່ຢາກຮຽນຮູ້ວິທີບໍລິຫານຈັດການທີມງານຕົນເອງຢ່າງມີປະສິດຕິພາບ
ສະຖານທີ່: ອອນລາຍ
ລາຄາ: ສະມາຊິກ 500,000,ກີບ / ບໍ່ແມ່ນ ສະມາຊິກ 650,000 ກີບ
📱020 5787 4477/ 020 5582 7421

When you become a manager, success is measured differently. It’s measured through the achievements of your team rather than your own accomplishments. Your job is to get results through the creativity, expertise, and energy of others – and that takes a brand-new skill set that constantly needs to be upgraded. That’s what the Management Skills Upgrade series is all about.
Over a series of 5 x 2.5 hour interactive webinars, the Katalyst Team will share the essential skills, strategies and tools that all managers need to succeed in their roles:

– Module 1: The Mindset of a Manager
– Module 2: Delegating with Confidence
– Module 3: Delivering Effective Feedback
– Module 4: Managing Performance
– Module 5: Managing Time and Priorities

As part of the program, participants will also have access to:
– A private Facebook group for further discussion, networking and support.
– Unlimited access to the webinar video recordings.
The event aims to:
– Improve the skills and confidence of managers
– Improve results for clients through increasing the effectiveness of Lao managers

The event will be open to AustCham Members and the wider business community in general. It will specifically target Lao business people who are:
– New managers and supervisors in the private sector, government or NGOs.
– Experienced managers and supervisors who would like to upgrade their skills.
– MSME owners who want to learn more about how to effectively manage their teams.

To sign up, click on this link:
Contact: AustCham Lao
📱020 5787 4477/ 020 5582 7421

Event Details
Start Date: Monday, March 0709:00
End Date: Monday, April 1111:30
Venue: Via Zoom
Price: Members 500,000LAK / Non-Member 650,000LAK
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