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November Sundowner Sponsored by Phu Bia Mining

Come and join us at the November AustCham Sundowner for an evening of socialising and networking. The event is hosted by Phu Bia Mining – an AustCham Gold Sponsor.

Feel free to fraternise at our friendly, footloose function – a fabulous five-star festival of fun – featuring frolicking festivities; a fascinating facts and figures-based Phu Bia Mining quiz; a feast of the finest fresh, flavourful food; and further fantastic activities. Find former friends and forge future friendships at our fine fiesta, focussing on our firm’s fruitful future!

This event showcases the variety and scope of contributions that Phu Bia Mining (PBM) has made to Laos over the past two decades. PBM has grown through positive partnerships with the Government of Laos and the local communities where PBM operates. The continued success of PBM is driven by refining and evolving operational capability through innovation, best practice and a dedicated workforce of predominantly Lao employees. PBM are actively and extensively involved in a range of sustainable, environmental and community-driven projects. PBM continues to investigate and invest in multiple opportunities to extend operations in Laos for the foreseeable future.

Please RSVP by 24th of November 2023 to AustCham.

Note that spaces are limited and prior registration is required.

More details and registration, please follow this link: https://app.glueup.com/event/november-sundowner-93057/

Event Details
Time: 06:00 pm - 09:00 pm
Date: Tuesday, November 28
Venue: Pan-Asia international
Price: Members: Members are entitled to a number of complimentary tickets based on their membership level. Any tickets required in addition to this may be purchased for 100,000 LAK. Non-Members: ₭150,000
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