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Lao for Business 1.1

AustCham Lao is launching a brand new Lao language mini course for business people wishing to learn basic lao sentences to use everyday at the office or in business meetings.

The mini course is structured in three sessions of 90m minutes each. Every session will have a specific theme:
Introduction to the course, general and formal greetings, basic conversation sentences (What do you do? Where is your office? Etc.)
Phrases and customs that apply to more formal business meetings
Every day in the office: ask simple questions and assign simple tasks (can you print…? Can you please deliver the report by…? Etc)

Wednesday, November 24, 12:30-2PM
Wednesday, December 1, 12:30-2PM
Wednesday, December 8, 12:30-2PM
Venue: Zoom (Webinar)

To sign up, click on this link: https://app.glueup.com/event/lao-for-business-1-1-46383/

Contact: AustCham Lao
📱020 5787 4477/ 020 5582 7421

Event Details
Start Date: Wednesday, November 2412:30
End Date: Wednesday, December 0814:00
Venue: Zoom (Webinar)
Price: Members 575,000LAK / Non-Member 725,000LAK
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