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In Vientiane and Laos in general, traffic accidents and medical emergencies are daily occurrences. Vientiane Rescue’s team of committed volunteers operates around the clock to provide critical care in moments of urgent need. They rush to scenes of accidents and medical distress, offering everything from life-saving first aid to fighting fires. Their services extend beyond immediate medical response; they provide a comforting presence, reassurance, and guidance to those caught in the the middle of unexpected crises. But we also provide firefighting services, scuba rescue and cave & rope rescue.

Yet, many remain unaware of Vientiane Rescue’s critical missions and the services they provide. As a volunteer-driven organization, unlike typical NGOs, they do not have dedicated staff for communication, fundraising, or project management. Their team is comprised entirely of volunteers who are committed to risking their own lives to save others, a commitment they have always believed would naturally highlight the public service we provide.

But even the most noble causes need effective communication to be recognized and supported. In our interconnected world, visibility is crucial for survival. That’s why we at AustCham Lao are immensely proud to support Vientiane Rescue. We believe that our assistance will help shine a light on the selfless volunteers who tirelessly serve; away from the public eye, yet making a vital difference every day.

Vientiane Rescue is more than just a rescue service; they often are the last resort for people in distress. From road traffic accidents, to national or international rescue missions, Vientiane Rescue has been attending regional disasters, sending our volunteers whenever we can. From the Attapeu Dam collapse in 2018, or the Cave Rescue in Chiang Rai that same year… But Vientiane Rescue is also something else. They are the foundation of the civil society. When someone dies on the road, and there’s no possibility to identify the victim, they are the ones bringing them to the nearest temple, searching for family or friends, and staying with them until their very last minutes on earth. They cherish every life, from the most vulnerable – such as abandoned babies, to injured animals left to die on the road side.

This is the essence of Vientiane Rescue: commitment, compassion, and community.

AustCham Lao is proud to support Vientiane Rescue.

You can find out more about Vientiane Rescue here: https://www.vientianerescue.org/



Despite the progress made in recent years, Laos still has the highest child mortality rate in Southeast Asia, and malnutrition remains a critical problem, affecting 30% of children under the age of five. Friends Without A Border, a non-profit organization that believes every child has the right to a healthy and loving life, striving to fulfill its mission has opened and runs the Lao Friend Hospital for Children (LFHC) since 2015.

The LFHC remains the only free pediatric hospital in the country, where over 200,000 children in need have received quality care since it opened, and with a growing number of patients, having received over 40,000 visits just in 2023.

The hospital is built on the cornerstone of CARE, EDUCATION, and PREVENTION. LFHC provides free, high-quality medical care to children 15 years of age and below in a compassionate environment. LFHC also provides medical education and mentoring to health clinicians across Laos, particularly in three areas of expertise-neonatology, critical care, and nutrition. Additionally, LFHC is rolling out a pilot malnutrition prevention program which will be village-governed and focus on the first 1000 days up to the two years of the child.

With these 38 Doctors, 90 Nurses, and over 200 specialists LFHC has one of the highest medical staffing levels in the country. Quality care is provided by our departments such as Outpatient (between 80 to 150 visits per day), Inpatient (24-bed unit but can go up to 40 patients), 24/7 Emergency services, Operation Theatre, Radiology, and Laboratory. Over the years LFHC has become a national reference center, with services such as its Neonatal Unit where experts care for the most vulnerable, or its Intensive Care Unit, saving countless children‘s lives. We also believe that compassion should be at the heart of what we do, and this has been reinforced by our Child Life Therapist, the only one in the country who looks after the emotional well-being of hospitalized children, who often experience fear and anxiety. LFHC’s Development Clinic, serves children with developmental issues such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism, creating a world where all children thrive.

We would like to point out that LFHC relies entirely on private funding to operate, allowing us to care for countless children thanks to the generous support of our donors.

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