Structure and Administration

2020 Board of Directors

We are an inclusive chamber with our Board of Directors representing the diversity of our membership base. We are pleased to introduce you to our 2020 Board of Directors.

Board of Directors 2020

Kristy Newby

President, AustCham Lao

Kristy is an Australian admitted lawyer and currently the Managing Director of DFDL Lao PDR. Kristy has 15 years’ experience practicing as a solicitor in Australia, the Lao PDR and Vietnam. In Laos, Kristy has substantial experience advising potential investors and existing operators, from SMEs through to  large international clients, in a variety of matters including corporate and commercial, employment, mergers and acquisitions and project financing.  This is her fourth year on the board and Kristy is stepping in to the role of -president of the Chamber and she is excited to continue to advocate for our members interests and strengthen the Lao business environment.

Carli Renzi

Treasurer, AustCham Lao

Carli is the incoming Country Head of ANZ Laos, beginning August 2020, subject to regulatory approvals.  Carli is also a non-executive director of ANZ Bank (Thailand), on which she has served since 2016.

Prior to her assignment in Laos, Carli served as the Head of Global Subsidiaries for ANZ, based in Hong Kong.  In this role, Carli managed a sales team across Asia (8 ASEAN countries, Greater China and India) to support multinational subsidiaries’ banking needs as they operating across Asia Pacific.

Carli has worked at ANZ for ~15 years across various roles, including group treasury, corporate finance, financial services insights, and business execution.  She has authored several thought leadership papers and spoke publicly on a range of topics including bank regulatory capital developments, Asia Pacific liquidity views and ASEAN banking strategies.

A truly International citizen, Cali has lived, studied or worked across Australia, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong and competed in Judo in over 50 countries, culminating in Olympic representation for Australia at the London 2012 Games.  She moves to Vientiane with her husband, three children and dog.

Carli joins AustCham Laos in the capacity of Treasurer and brings substantive financial services industry and MNC expertise as well as prior membership experience of AustCham Singapore and AustCham Hong Kong, where most recently she served on the AustChamHK Women in Business Network committee.


Mette Boatman

Director, AustCham Lao

Mette Boatman is Operations Director for Civitas Co., Ltd, a newly established social and environmental consulting company that puts a commitment to excellence and the highest quality outputs only second to a focus on social inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Mette has lived and worked in Laos since 2003, during which time she has worked with a wide range of clients, including Australian companies, in hydropower, mining, energy, sanitation and health sectors for private developers, multi-lateral institutions, the Government of Lao PDR and various INGOs. These wide-ranging experiences give Mette unique insights into many of the professional, business, and development challenges AustCham members face. This is Mette’s second year on the AustCham Board of Directors.  She uses this influence to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with a specific focus on making CSR accessible and manageable for businesses of all sizes in Lao PDR.


Troy Medynski

Director, AustCham Lao

Troy Medynski is an Australian hailing from the Gold Coast in Australia’s sunshine state of Queensland. Troy has been Director of Food and Beverage at the Crowne Plaza Vientiane hotel since 2017, holding a MBA ‘Diploma of hospitality and Diploma of business management and marketing’.

Troy is looking forward to adding to hotelier’s connection to the business and networks of the Aushcham Lao members.

Kristy Schmidt

Director, AustCham Lao

Kristy Schmidt is an Australian in Laos who provides consultancy services in wine business, hospitality training and events. She has studied a Bachelor of Wine Marketing at the University of Adelaide, and has over 17 years’ experience in the Australian Wine Industry with some of Australia’s iconic wine brands such as Penfolds, Wolf Blass and Taylor’s Wines. Kristy’s background is in Sales, Business Development, Export and Wine Education.

Nalongded Luanglath

Director, AustCham Lao

Nalongded Luanglath is an Australia Award alumnus with a Bachelor of Business with a First Class Honours from Queensland University of Technology, where he was also awarded the QUT Alumni Student Leader of the Year. Furthermore, Nalongded is a recipient of the Australian Ambassador Awards for Bilateral Contribution. Nalongded has published his academic research regarding the impact of gender diversity in top management teams and on boards of directors on performance outcomes of ASX listed firms. Nalongded is the Managing Director of Muanson Company – an experienced leader in the Tyre and Automotive industry in Lao PDR since 1991. Nalongded is passionate in developing sustainable, ethical and inclusive businesses in the country by enhancing Lao human capital.


Xoumaitri Panyanouvong 

Director, AustCham Lao

Xoumaitri Panyanouvong is Manager and Government Liaison of Dominion (Lao), BSc. Master Degree in Civil Engineering, Post Master in Chinese language, seven years experiences of social and environment impact assessment in developing projects in Laos and almost 10 years of experiences government relations, planning and management on exploration mining project in Lao PDR and Cambodia. A Member of Women in Mining in UK and AusIMM. She’s been two years on board director in Autcham and Dominion (Lao) was a bronze member of Austcham since 2012. She excited to be part of the developing and strengthen Australian mining project in Lao PDR.

Viboon Sithimolada

Director, AustCham Lao

Viboon Sithimolada is an Australian alumnus who received his bachelor of engineering (Honors 1st Class) from RMIT, Australia and also a master’s degree in Engineering from University of Illinois, USA. He is the CEO of XangLao Engineering and Construction and founder of SS International, which provides occupational safety services. He is also a Non-Executive Director of Ortus Mining, an Australian mining project developer in Laos. Viboon is a thought leader with extensive experience, particularly in engineering, mining and energy sectors. He previously held various management positions at (then MMG) LXML Sepon. As a Lao entrepreneur with industry experience and with business connections in Australia and ASEANViboon brings a different perspective to the Board. He believes in the chamber’s objective of supporting the interests of the international and Lao business community. Viboon is thrilled to continue to promote quality business networks based on sound Australian business values for the benefit of the members.


Nanthala Salichanh

Director, AustCham Lao

Nanthala Salichanh (Bee) is an Australian Alumni with a Diploma of International Business and Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance). She has been working with ANZ Banking Group, Lao Branch for 12 years and she is currently Head of Markets looking after FX and treasury function for the bank. Having opportunity to be one of Austcham board members, Bee will aim at driving the chamber’s initiatives using her knowledge and banking experience in different areas. She is also keen to provide market updates to members as well as promoting Austcham further in Laos.

Scott Morgan

Director, AustCham Lao

Scott is an Australian citizen and Country Director with overall responsibility for the Linfox operations in
Scott has 25 years’ experience in senior management roles in the transport and logistics industry, with a
track record for building safety-first, cost efficient operations in unique and challenging markets across
the Asia Pacific.
Scott has been working in Laos since 2008 and prior to joining Linfox he worked with PanAust to establish
and lead the Phu Bia Mining logistics operations in Laos.
Previously, Scott spent 5 years with Porgera Gold Mine in Papua New Guinea where he significantly
improved the reliability, efficiency and safety performance of the operation.
Scott has held senior management position in the Transport and Logistics sector and is looking forward to
working with the chamber to help develop the Laos business environment.


Lisa Mortimer

Representative the Australian Embassy

Representative of the Australian Embassy : Lisa Mortimer

Lisa Mortimer manages the Economic and Trade team at the Australian Embassy in Vientiane, which includes supporting Australian commercial interests in Laos, growing the Australia-Lao trade and investment relationship, managing Australia’s aid investments in trade and private sector development and economic analysis.  Lisa is a qualified legal practitioner with experience in commercial, international and public law. She brings to the AustCham Board over 10 years’ experience working in the private, government and not-for-profit sectors in Australia, Laos and Timor-Leste. Lisa looks forward to working with AustCham to promote Australian business in Laos and strengthen the Lao business environment.


Clémence Fournier

Executive Director, Austcham Lao

As Executive Director of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Laos, Clémence has a background in communications, policy and government relations. Before joining Austcham Lao, she was an Executive Assistant to Business leader in the hospitality Industry in Cambodia. In her role, Clémence had the opportunity to support on various aspects of both the business development, sales and marketing, including the Euro Chamber in Cambodia. Prior to her role in Cambodia, Clémence held commercial positions with micro-insurance and media companies. Clémence has also worked with an arm of the French Government as Director of communications and public relations in France. Clemence has also been instrumental in formulating the strategic plan for Austcham Lao for 2020 and beyond.


The Lao People’s Democratic Republic

 Location: Southeastern Asia, northeast of Thailand, west of Vietnam.

Area: 236,800 sq km

Population: 6,477,211 (July 2011 est.)

GDP: US$ 7.9 billion (2011 est.)

Local Currency: Lao Kip



Laos is a least developed country that has a GDP PPP in of approximately $17.44 billion USD and a population of approximately 6.44 million people (2011). The makeup of the economy consists mainly of agriculture which is primarily rice cultivation that contributes to 30% of GDP and 75% of total employment. Other prominent sectors include tourism, mining and hydroelectric power and their associated service industries. Australian and New Zealand based companies play a significant role in these areas providing both financial and intellectual capital.

As a least developed country Laos enjoys a range of tariff reductions for export into Australia, New Zealand and many other more developed economic regions which provides a number of opportunities for investment and business development. As a member of the ASEAN community Laos has signed up to the ASEAN Free Trade Area agreement (AFTA) which will provide a platform for economic cooperation and improvement in the area based on common goals for growth and prosperity. A number of other key entities around the world are also forming links with the ASEAN group to encourage economic links and reduced barriers to business development; these include Australia and New Zealand, China, South Korea, The European Union, India and others.

See also: https://dfat.gov.au/trade/resources/Documents/laos.pdf