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The Australia Chamber of Commerce was established in September 2005, as the first foreign chamber of commerce in the Lao PDR. Austcham Lao was set up to represent Australian and New Zealand business interests to government and non-government agencies in Laos whilst delivering a range of services to its members. But over the years we have become more than that. We have grown to be one of the largest and most active foreign chambers of commerce in Lao PDR. And we work across the business community to help to support and grow the Lao PDR economy and uplift the operating environment. Our membership is now from many different countries and spans companies in a diverse range of industries including mining, agriculture, banking, tourism, UXO clearance, consumer goods distribution, hospitality and hydropower and we continue to see more interest in membership with Austcham from other sectors.

Our role has evolved to bring the business community of Lao PDR together, whether that be individuals doing business, government officials wanting to know more about the industries we represent, existing businesses wanting to grow their interests in the market or new business wanting to enter for the first time. And as to being from Australia or New Zealand  – we like to welcome everyone to what we see as a growing and exciting business community here in the Lao PDR.


Welcome to the Austcham Lao website.

Whether you are a company or individual already operating in Laos, are considering doing business here, or are otherwise interested in business opportunities for Australian and New Zealand enterprises in Laos, I and my fellow-directors encourage you to be part of Austcham Lao.  Laos has one of the highest growth rates in the world, is situated in the heart of a region of strong economic activity, and is committed to pursuing the wide range of economic opportunities that its location and resources make possible.  It provides great opportunities for businesses who have know-how and a capacity to invest, and aspire to becoming part of the ‘Asian Century’.

For the past 20 years, Australian and New Zealand businesses have been successfully investing and operating here - notably in mining, mining supplies, evironmental services, banking, education and training, legal and business services, UXO clearance, and in many other capacities in the trade, commercial and information sectors.    These companies and individuals have not only achieved business success; they have also been well regarded for the positive contributions they have made to the Lao economy, to the development of their Lao employees, to their support of government and community programs, and to their creation of business opportunities for Lao and foreign suppliers.

Austcham Lao is proud to have these businesses in its membership ranks, and seeks to service and represent all such companies and individuals in Laos.

This website introduces you to Austcham Lao's Board of Directors and membership, informs you of the events and activities we undertake, and provides news that will be of interest to all our stakeholders.  I encourage you to engage actively in Austcham Lao, and to make your views and needs known to myself and other Board members.


Chris Smithies

Austcham Lao PRESIDENT



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H. E. Mr. Jean-Bernard Carrasco
Australian Ambassador to Lao PDR

H. E. Mr. Jean-Bernard Carrasco



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